Thursday, April 28, 2011

Crochet anyone?

Well I have a new hobby, Ok well it's not really new, I learned how to crochet in high school and then just forgot about it, until now!  What sparked this renewed interest you ask?  Well it's these cute little creatures called "amigurumi". Amigurumi are fun little crocheted or knitted stuffed animals. Which for those of you that know me, the mere fact that I'm even blogging about stuffed animals  should have scratching your head, because as you know I really don't like stuffed animals but these guys are just too cute and addicting!

 So these cute little guys are my first attempt at amigurumi.  The frog is definitely better than the elephant, but hey not bad considering I haven't crocheted for about oh 20 years!

So fast forward a bit, to Ry guy who is in love with the game Angry Birds, or as he calls it cranky birds wants his own cranky bird.  So off to google I go and I found a pattern and cranked out this cute but cranky little guy.

See I told you they were cute!  Now of course he wants the whole cranky bird family!  Better go get another bag of wonderfil!

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