Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A quick redecorating project :)

Wow! It's been awhile!  I guess the whole blogging thing sort of got shoved off to the side!  Well here we are with a new year and I'll think I'll try this blogging thing again :).  This year I've decided that this is the year of the house and my word is "rejuvante".

 We are currently renting our house and will most likely be renters for another 18 months, we already been here for 2 years, and the owners have let us know that we can stay as long as we like, and even buy if we think we want to. Hmmm we're still thinking on that one, lots of pro's and con's to that decicion.

In the past, I have been reluctant to really make the house feel like ours.  I didn't want to put in the time and effort if we weren't going to be able to stay.  So we basically moved or stuff in and left anything of the previous owners as it was.

Now that I know I can stay, I feel like making some changes to have the house reflect our famiy, but I don't really want to spend too much moola!  So here's the first of hopefully many quick and easy "rejuvenating" projects on our house.

Here's a before of our master bedroom

Notice the REALLY heavy, flashback from the 80's drapes?? Yeah, it's time for those to go!  And for no cost and about an hour's worth of time here's the "rejuventaded" version!

Luckily underneath those heavy drapes was a nice sheer that actullay matches with my bedskirt :). The valances were some fabric and ribbon that I already had that match perfectly with my comforter.  I didn't even sew them, I just tucked under the raw edges!  The mini blinds have to stay since we do live in Phoenix and this is an eastern exposure.  In the summer time we'll want to make sure we can block out as much sun as possible. Oh the joys of living in the desert!  The room looks so much bigger, brighter and lighter! I love it! I wish I would have done this sooner!

Up next I have an idea for a cool wall treatment above the bed. We have some REALLY high ceilings in this room so I have something big planned :)  I hoping to have it done in the next day or two :)  And if I get rambunctious enough, there may even be some painting happening in this room!

Kind of amazing how just one little change can completely "rejuvenate" a room :)