Saturday, May 8, 2010

How to stay cavity free for all eternity

Bet that got your attention!  Okay so it's been a while since I've posted anything, that spring semester always blows a hole in my best plans!  But then my eldest daughter informed me of something she did back when we had the crazy move in September and I thought that's one of those stories that is just too funny not to post!  So without further ado here is how you too can be cavity free for all eternity!

About a week ago the eldest and I were driving home from a birthday party and we were chatting about religion, what things mean, why do we do this etc.  Oh and remember we aren't really into the whole church going thing (long story, please don't judge, just keep reading this really is a funny story) so I'm answering the questions and she asks me about the whole Baptism thing, so I explain about the Holy water and all of that.  Then I share the funny story of the gramma,  of the baby that was Baptized after her, who was filling up empty milk jug bottles with the Holy water after the ceremony and how dad and I were giggling because we just kept thinking damn, you plannin' on that kid being a hellion or what! So then she gets a little quiet and says "so is that what the water stuff was that up in my bathroom medicine cabinet that said Holy water" I said " yes, we just took a little, in case if you ever got really sick or something like that" then she says " umm well do you remember when we had to have the water off to the house the morning we were moving" I say "yes" she says " well I really needed to brush my teeth and the bottle said water so I used that to brush my teeth"......... at this point I can't decide if I'm sad or if this is just about the funniest thing I've heard, brushing you teeth with Holy water.... hmm that's good stuff!

So I ask, "did it taste okay" she says " no it was pretty nasty, but I did get my teeth brushed". Well yes I would think it would be nasty since it's about 12 year old and you and the other 3 babies probably peed in it! That grossed her out completely! Oh well, so now we're hoping it will work wonders and we won't have to fork out 3grand for braces! :)

Happy Mothers Day!

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